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Industrial versus Retro Style: Cool and Nostalgic living,

Industrial and retro living styles are extremely popular. Both are characterized by unique elements that create an attractive and characteristic appearance. But what are the exact differences and similarities between these two styles? This blog about Industrial versus Retro looks for the answers. Read on to find out all about this!

Industrial Style:

  • Robust appearance: Think of brick walls, concrete floors, metal accents and visible pipes.

  • History: Inspired by old factories and warehouses, with a raw and authentic atmosphere.

  • Color palette: Neutral with shades of gray, black and brown. Sometimes combined with bright colors for accents.

  • Materials: Metal, wood, leather and stone play the leading role.

Retro style:

  • Nostalgic atmosphere: Back to the last century with vintage furniture, patterns and colors.

  • Coziness: Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with soft materials and round shapes.

  • Color palette: Partly neutral with white, beige and gray, combined with bold colors such as orange, yellow and green.

  • Materials: Velvet, corduroy, wood and rattan are popular.

Industrial versus Retro... the similarities:

  • Characteristic details: Both styles love unique and striking elements that give the room its own identity.

  • Combine with modern accents: Both industrial and retro go well with modern furniture and accessories, creating a contemporary twist.

  • Focus on comfort: Comfort is central in both styles. Soft fabrics, cozy seating areas and atmospheric lighting create a relaxing ambiance.

Industrial versus Retro... the differences:

  • Appearance: Industrial is cool and robust, while retro is warm and nostalgic.

  • Materials: In industrial homes you'll find more metal and concrete, while retro embraces softer materials such as velvet and corduroy.

  • Color palette: The industrial style opts for neutral colors with bright accents, while retro is more colorful and playful with bold color combinations.

Which style suits you?

The choice between industrial and retro depends on your personal taste and preferences. If you are looking for a cool and contemporary look, then the industrial style may be a good match. If you prefer warmth and nostalgia, you might go for the retro style.

Tip: Combine elements from both styles! By mixing and matching different features, you create a unique and personal living style that could suit you perfectly.

With this information you are ready to create your own industrial or retro dream home! Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the unique atmosphere that these characteristic living styles bring.

industrial Apartment bedroom
Industrial interior

Industrial style: Tough, characterful and timeless living

Are you looking for a living style that is sturdy, characterful and timeless ? Then the industrial style might be something for you! This style, inspired by old factories and warehouses, is characterized by robust materials, neutral colors and unique details. In this blog you can read why the industrial style is the perfect choice for your interior .

1. Unique and characterful appearance

An industrial living style is anything but boring. Brick walls, concrete floors, metal accents and visible pipes create a raw and authentic atmosphere that gives your interior its own unique character. The industrial style is perfect for people who love unique elements that distinguish their home from the rest.

2. Timeless design

The industrial style has been popular for years and for good reason. The neutral colors and robust materials ensure a timeless design that will not quickly go out of fashion. This means you can enjoy your industrial interior for years to come without having to worry about it becoming old-fashioned.

3. Practical and functional

In addition to being stylish, the industrial style is also practical and functional . The furniture is often robust and sturdy and can withstand a blow. This makes the industrial style perfect for families with children or pets.

4. Easy to combine

The industrial style is surprisingly flexible and can be combined well with other living styles. For example, you can add vintage furniture for a warm and cozy atmosphere, or modern accents for a contemporary twist.

5. DIY friendly

Are you a creative jack-of-all-trades? Then the industrial style is perfect for you! You can make or pimp up many industrial furniture and accessories yourself . This way you can give your interior a completely unique and personal touch.


retro interior green living room
Retro interior

Back to the future: why choose a retro interior?

Are you looking for a living style that is nostalgic, warm and cozy ? Then the retro style might be something for you! This style, inspired by the 60s, 70s and 80s, is characterized by vintage furniture, bold colors and patterns. In this blog you can read why the retro style is the perfect choice for your interior .

1. Nostalgic atmosphere

With a retro interior you bring back the good old days . Vintage furniture, iconic lamps and retro accessories bring back memories and create a warm and cozy atmosphere where you immediately feel at home.

2. Unique and eye-catching elements

The retro style is known for its unique and striking elements . Think brightly colored furniture, geometric patterns and graphic prints. These eye-catchers give your interior its own character and create a playful and cheerful atmosphere .

3. Easy to combine

The retro style is surprisingly flexible and can be combined well with other living styles. For example, you can add modern furniture for a contemporary twist, or natural materials for a bohemian touch.

4. Sustainable and environmentally conscious

By choosing vintage furniture and accessories you give old things a new life . This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment . In this way you contribute to a more sustainable society.


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