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Living room

Services - interior and inspiration

Together we find inspiration for your interior. Through various tools, we search for your unique style and personal preferences. We use that to transform your spaces with harmonious, aesthetically pleasing interior designs. I do this thorugh combining colors, furniture, decorative elements and lighting ,

taking functionality and budget into account.

I work with suppliers of beautiful and sustainable brands.

Choosing the right colors can transform a space and create the desired atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a cozy, warm living room or a lively, energetic workspace, I specialize in offering personal color advice.

I come to you with different samples of different brands and materials, style cards and together we create a mood board that suits you and inspires you for your new interior.

Let's work together to find the perfect palette that matches your vision and personal style.

Color advice: Inspiration by colors in your interior.

Inspiration for interiors through a moodboard
Samples for curtains for inspiration of a new interior. Color advise.

Your home is a sanctuary, every room should tell a story. From contemporary chic to classic elegance,

I design interiors that suit your lifestyle and preferences. Let's create living spaces together that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Home interiors


Interior of a modern living room. Inspiration by light furniture. Timeless.
Interior of a modern living room. Inspiration by modern furniture and

I would be happy to come to your location for an “Inspiration Session”. Using color schemes, samples, style cards moodboards and many other techniques,  I hope to inspire you and together we will arrive at new insights and ideas that suit your preferences. For €395 we will organize an extensive session together at your home.


If you would like to work with me further to create a design, provide further detail, support you in selecting materials or coordinating work, I will make a personalized quote without any obligation. Part of the costs of the “inspiring” inspiration session will be refunded if you decide to accept the quotation.

Inspiration session

Inspiration sessie interior. Samples, color palettes, moodboard and coffee.
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